About Sheldon Kotyk

My name is Sheldon Kotyk.

I am the Director of The Life Project, a ministry of Power to Change. Contact me to get access to my ministry updates.

I married my best friend Julie and we have three daughters; Kristin, Ava and Jamie. We also have two cats; Candycorn and Popcorn.

In my free time, I build web sites and applications as a freelancer. How did I learn how to build websites? I'm glad you asked.

If you want to know the details behind Kotyk.com, check out the colophon.

About Sheldon Kotyk

Father of three girls. Husband of one wife. Dog person. My wife has cats.
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Vital Stats

6'1" / 244lbs ( 45 since 8/20/18)
Goal: 6'3" / 210lbs by 6/1/19

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