Why did I start Abigah Co.

I love to tinker. Building websites is a hobby of mine and for years I would build sites for free for friends and others. A few years ago, I changed my position at Power to Change to allow me to have a side-business to help feed my family.

Why is it called Abigah Co.?

My oldest daughter would wander around the house, chatting away and was so proud of herself when she put together her first multi-syllable word. It sounded something like "abigah or abijah". At the time, I thought it would be neat name for a business so I bought the domain name. Five years later, I was able to register the name and it became my business name.

What types of things do I build?

I'm a PHP developer that specializes in Laravel and Statamic projects. I'm getting into javascript, mostly Vue. Like the above photo, the internet is full of information screaming for attention. My job is to help your brand stand out.