How do I learn the technical?

I went out to Caronport High School for Grade 12 to see if/where my skills at hockey would take me. They took me to the first try-out where I was promptly cut. After four years of Bible School I graduated with a BA in Sports Ministry. So how did I end up leading a team of 20+ people in a 99.9% online ministry?

I read a lot. I research a lot. I build things.

This page is a list of the things I turn to when I need to figure out how to make something happen.

Laravel: Laracasts (Courses) | Test Driven Laravel (Course) | Laravel Up and Running (Book) | Larachat (Slack) | Documentation

Statamic: Statamic Community (Slack) | Learn Statamic (Course) | Documentation

Vue: Vuecasts (Courses) | Majesty of Vue.js 2 (Book)

Git: Guide | Getting Git (Course) | Pro Git (Book)

When all else fails (but sometimes first) I go to Google which will usually send me to Stack Overflow.