Laminating over the Bandaid

February 26th, 2013

In the life-cycle of any project that requires time and cost to be the chosen constraints, there are bound to be band-aids that are built to solve a problem when under pressure. They may solve the problem very well but it is extremely important to take a look at what the band-aid was used for during the next available breathing point.

Unlike the human body, most projects aren’t able to fix themselves under a band-aid. If scope-creep is allowed without having the time and money to do it right, you may have a situation where bugs manifest days, weeks or years later. Sure, fixing the bugs may be cheaper in the short term and adding more features on top of the quick fixes is possible; unfortunately, it is like laminating on top of a band-aid. Eventually, it will become an issue and instead of pulling the bandaid, you’ll need to get out the heavy duty tools.

Laminating over the bandaid. A recipe for long-term problems.