Global Digital Strategies Summit 2019

Posted April 23rd, 2019

This year's Global Digital Strategies Summit took place in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In 2017, I hosted the summit in Vancouver with just over 30 attendees, focusing on some foundational platforms for Global Digital Strategies. This year's summit had 110+ attendees from 70 nations. The larger group allowed us to develop a new group of leaders in the digital strategies (DS) role (DS), and to encourage national teams without a DS leader to assign the task to a qualified individual.

I had the opportunity to share what we are doing in Canada with Issues I Face and mentoring. I gave an update on the incredible reach we can have with Facebook advertising in the developing world. I was also asked to talk about one of the training adjustments we are making with mentoring. We are finding that Christians generally have not adjusted to the changing spiritual landscape and are responding quickly with the 4 Spiritual Laws to questions about loneliness and other issues.

Although we do want to share Jesus as early as we can in conversations, most people in post-Christian Canada and majority other-religion nations like India and Indonesia, know little about the Jesus of the Bible. Instead, the media and religious leaders teach them that Christians are not only wrong but evil. Until people can see Jesus' love in us, it is difficult for them to understand that "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life," otherwise known as "Law One." After my short presentation, attendees approached me with several questions while expressing their gratitude as they had been seeing a similar shift in their cultures but had not yet figured out what needed to change. 

As the leader of DS in Canada, I had the opportunity to bring along a few of my team as well as invite a few others. Dorrie, the Director of Partnerships for The Life Project (TLP) and Anne-Marie, Content Strategist for TLP came along with Chris from P2C Marketing. I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with them face-to-face as in-person meetings are rare, and most of our communication happens online.

Centro Cultural Kirchner

As other DS leaders had the opportunity to share from the stage, a number of our international partners shared how they were excited to use Issues I Face and mentoring to reach the "unaware" in their respective parts of the world. We define "unaware" as those that are not curious about Jesus because they are either content with their current spiritual situation or hostile to the God of the Bible. 

South Asia, South-East Asia, Latin America and Oceania are all in the early stages of launching their versions of Issues I Face in their languages. These shout-outs led to many opportunities to begin new partnerships. Our teams in East Asia, South-East Africa, Western Europe, North Africa & Middle East, and PACT (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and more) to move forward in partnership with us. These new partnerships would potentially increase our reach beyond 3 billion people. 

The outdoor market: Just a few thousand of the billions we want to reach

The South-East Africa partnership also includes an exciting opportunity with the Ethiopian DS team. We are excited to see how we can work closely with this team on the programming side. Ethiopia has a dozen developers and is excited to join us in developing new tools. We have been praying about growing our team of volunteers and contractors so that we can move forward on some exciting opportunities.  

There are many opportunities to reach more people faster than ever before through Digital Strategies. Please pray for wisdom and the ability to identify the best places to invest our time and energy. 

If you aren't already a partner with me, either with prayer or finances, and you would be interested in learning more, I'd love to talk to you.

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