December 2019 Ministry News

Posted December 3rd, 2019

NAME CHANGE: In January we will be moving away from The Life Project brand and use Power to Change Digital Strategies. This will allow us to fit with the rest of the world that is using Digital Strategies (DS) to identify their part of the ministry. I am on the Global DS team as the area leader for Canada and work closely with 15 other leaders of different regions around the world. This change will help make our communication easier as we don't have to explain what we do after saying who we are. 

We're also excited to have a new logo for Power to Change. This all officially changes January 2020.

PARTNERSHIPS: October's ministry trip to Albania, Turkey, and Ethiopia led to even greater partnerships than I was hoping. The idea for the trip started back in May when I was asked to take part in strategic planning sessions the Central/Eastern Europe (CEE) Digital Strategies team was going to be having in Tirana (the feature image). Since I was in the neighborhood, I planned to stop in Istanbul to connect with a co-worker there, then head to Ethiopia.

I was hoping to get 3 or 4 countries signed up in CEE and maybe a couple in the PACT area (Persia, Armenia, Central Asia, and Turkey). I was blown away when all of the seven  CEE countries represented signed up to engage with us in our mentoring strategy and the PACT area also signed up multiple regions.

Ethiopia was already onboard with us. In fact, they aren't just partnering with us, they wanted to be part of us. Our Ethiopia office is doing amazing things. They have a counseling office with a team of staff and volunteers answering the phone. It was amazing to meet their Digital Strategies leadership team as well as a number of their software engineers who have been working with us to develop SMS (text messaging) and Whatapp connectors into our mentoring software. This will be used through the Christmas season in Africa as the JESUS Film is shown on television to an estimated 30 million people with a WhatsApp number shown for people to connect to a mentor. If just 0.1% request a mentor, that is 30,000 people. We'll need more mentors!

After a night in London to recuperate, I made it home for a week before a trip to BC for ministry leader meetings. October was a whirlwind but a fantastic month, setting up for the future.

QUEBEC: We received word a few weeks ago that a P2C proposal we are a part of to reach Quebec, has been funded through a foundation. We are excited to increase our church partnerships and recruit mentors in a few key cities throughout the province for this first phase. We'll be working with our Students ministry, Leader Impact, Athletes in Action sports camps and Drime. Our part will include evangelism and discipleship training as well as targeted marketing of our French content to social media users around the churches.

PERSONAL: Our oldest daughter Kristin has her learner's license! Julie's got a line at work so we can actually plan our lives. In sad news, there was a tragedy in Julie's side of the family a few months ago so Christmas will be low-key this year. Pray for Julie's mom and dad as they continue to grieve their friends' (her sister and her husband) passing back in September.

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