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My Child is in My Bed

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Coughing, fever and more It’s that time of the year for a parent. It doesn’t matter how many times you make them wash their hands,the winter season will attack your children and hit them hard. If you have more than one child, escaping the sicko child is like trying to catch a Fukushima fish without an extra eye. School just makes it worse.The germs in your average school makes the Center for Disease Control staff […]

Do you have an imaginary God?

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Over at, we’re asking Paris Hilton which God she found while in jail. We’re not asking sarcastically, we truly want to know. It’s become common to hear of jail house repentance and even more common to hear celebrities talk about God like He is sponsoring their music video or movie and is the reason they won an award. Yet, is God really asking for props? There really is only one true God, that is […]