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Chore Chart Alternative

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While searching the interwebs for a printable chore chart, I came across this awesome and beautifully designed alternative. Good Deeds Punch Cards There are a few things I love about this that I hated about chore charts. Keeping up Not only did you have to have a new chore chart every week, you had to… Figure out who did what Age appropriate chores meant that there was a dispute about one kid having to do […]

Letters, they’re like email.

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After reading the end of 3 John to Ava, where John was writing about how he wanted to visit Gaius, I explained to Ava that he was writing a letter. Ava: “What’s a letter?” Me: “It’s like an email but with paper.” Ava: “That sounds hard.” Me: “Huh?” Ava: “Writing with paper.” Me: “He used a pen” Ava: “Oh.” In Ava’s brain there is an amazing world of adventure, where unicorns and fairies abound.