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While searching the interwebs for a printable chore chart, I came across this awesome and beautifully designed alternative.

Good Deeds Punch Cards

There are a few things I love about this that I hated about chore charts.

  1. Keeping up
    Not only did you have to have a new chore chart every week, you had to…
  2. Figure out who did what
    Age appropriate chores meant that there was a dispute about one kid having to do more than the other. With the Good Deed punch cards, it is rewarding the children when they do something without being asked so they seem to want to go beyond the call of duty.
  3. Flexibility
    As the children grow, getting dressed isn’t a chore but doing something above and beyond while getting dressed would still allow us to punch a card. We can also punch a card for things that have nothing to do with chores.
  4. Habit forming
    Looking at a list of things one has to do doesn’t form habits. This alternative has the kids thinking of new and exciting good deeds to do.

Head on over to Bakerette to download the fantastic Good Deeds Punch Cards.

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