Striking a Game Face

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Heat game instead of school

The teachers and BCTF can’t come to an agreement, shockingly, so that meant keeping the children entertained for three extra days when they should have been in school. What a better way to spend it than at a hockey game.

The Abbotsford Heat (AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flame-outs) was playing the Houston Aeros (Minnesota Wild) for a School Day game. The game started at 10:30 in the morning and started out with a scrap just 55 seconds in.

Normally a fight would induce cheering. Add 4000 tween girls and boys screaming to the mix and I’m sure the Aeros were wondering why they ever agreed to the concept.

It was defensive battle in that the first team to figure out defence would win. It ended up going into a shootout with the Aeros sending home thousands of kids disappointed, yet really sugared up by the looks of the concession lineups.

I was Ben's counsellor at Hockey camp when he was 12. #AHLHeatInteresting fact: I was a counsellor at CAHC in the 90s when Heat forward Ben Walter attended as a 12/13 year old. Out of the three kids I remember from that camp, he was the least talented of the three I thought had a chance to make it, yet had the best brain.

I then refereed him in the BCHL when he played for the Langley Hornets and his talent level was . His dad also owned that team. Ryan Walter is now he’s the President of the Heat and one of the best people on the planet. Related

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